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Advanced Rifle Parts and the products within were developed by Joseph. The first mount ever built was for the Finish Mosin M-39. After failing to find an adequate scope mount for the M-39 which would not permanently damage the rifle, Joe decided to use his machining talent and tech background to fabricate his own. Proud of his results with the mount he decided to post an image of the rifle and mount online for others to see. After many emails requesting mounts Advanced Rifle Parts was created.

The first mounts were handmade and tested, refined and tested again. Advanced rifle parts continues this methodology one all its products. All production parts are made in America on state of the art CNC equipment operated by highly skilled craftsmen at Cutting Edge Machine.

In addition to developing Advanced Rifle parts and being a collector of unique military rifles, Joseph, Project manager for a manufacturing company holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.

The scope mounts offered at Advanced Rifle Parts were specially designed by an engineer.

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