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Customer Testimonials

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I’m very impressed with this scope mount. I truly believe this is the best mount for the Nagant. It’s worth every penny and install was a walk in the park. Thanks for the fast service. I have been referring all my nagant friends to your page. Thanks again!

-SSgt McMillen USAF


This m44 mosin has the monte carlo stock, advanced rifle parts mount, homemade jb weld hot rolled steel sniper bolt, cheap nc star long eye relief scope, and walmart sling/swivels. Thanks for a stellar product, like I said, I tried the two ATI scope kits already. I was really displeased with both of them, hopefully they give me a refund. Thankfully, your mount covers the holes they left in my receiver.


Great product and easy install. I would recommend this mount to anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of tapping a gun. Makes this rifle look great and can’t wait to shoot it. I have refinished the stock and installed a bipod and the Advanced Rifle mount makes it complete. Love it when a product says MADE IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m very pleased with the quality workmanship of the scope mount I ordered from you. It works beautifully and was easy to install. Could you please design a mount for my Schmidt-Rubin K1911?

I picked up my rifle last Friday and with in 30 mins had the mount on it! Thanks again for the great product and the great service, it looks great and works great on the rifle.


My 91/30 mount has stood up through over 1000 full power surplus and handloads now and the mount hasn’t loosened at all nor has the scope zero changed from the day I first sighted it in. After being on the rifle, banged around, and shot for several months; I managed a .383″, 5 shot group at 100 yards with the combination which I entered in a postal match. It took first in the medium caliber hunting rifle category and was overall the tightest 5 shot group turned in by anyone in the competition.


Excellent! Fit my Round Reciever Nagant just fine! Very strong as well. Doesn’t feel like you could budge the mount at all! Shipping was fast and friendly! A+


Less than 1 MOA, using Hungarian Light Ball 147 grain, steel core, corrosive surplus ammo.