M91 and M44/M38 Mounts are back in stock!

M91, M44 & M38 Mosin Nagant Scope Mount Installation Instructions


The instructions below will help you install your new scope mount on to your rifle. Please note that installation for the M91, M44, & M38 are exactly the same.


Please, take a moment to make sure you have the following parts.

Advanced Rifle Parts Mount Assembly

  • 2x 8-32 Cap Screw
  • 2x 10-24 Screw
  • 1x SS Hose Clamp
  • 1x Weaver TS Rail
  • 1x Mount Rail
  • 1x Mount Body
Installation instructions - parts - Cap Screw, 10-24 Screw, Hose Clamp, Weaver TS Rail, Mount and Body Rail


Required tools

  • Clamp or vise to compress rear sight spring
  • Punch or sturdy metal rod to remove sight pin
  • Assorted standard size Allen wrenches
  • Tin snips or a good strong pair of scissors
  • Flat Head screw driver
  • Please be sure wrenches and screwdrivers are sharp to prevent striping any screw heads.


Installation Instructions - Tools


Step 1

Remove the barrel from your rifle. Remove the barrel clamps on the front of the rifle then the two screws shown in the image above. Carefully lift the barrel from the stock of the gun.

Installation Instructions - Step 1- Remove barrel


Step 2

Use the clamp or vise to relieve spring tension on your rear sight and hold it in place while the pin is removed. Do not tighten the clamp too tight or it will be difficult to remove the pin. Also use scraps of paper or pieces of wood between the metal surface of the clamp and your rifle to prevent any surface damage. Carefully remove the pin by taping lightly on it with the punch or metal rod- as long as the clamp is not too tight you should be able to remove it easily. Be sure not to lose the pin, you will need it for the next step.

Installation Instructions - Step 2 - remove pin


Step 3

Once you have successfully removed the pin carefully release the clamp and remove the range sight. Beneath the sight you will find a sturdy leaf spring, keep this spring in place.

Installation Instructions - Step 3 - leaf spring


Step 4

Line up the mount rail above the rear sight pin hole and using the clamp and wood or paper as before carefully line up the holes in the rail to the rear sight. Once the pin hole are lined up carefully drive the sight pin through the holes until it is nearly flush on both sides. The pin should go in with little resistance, if you notice resistance check the hole alignment again. Forcing the pin could damage the mount or mess up the finish. For 1891 Rilfes the mount rail should be oriented with steps up. The M44 Mount rail should be Oriented with steps down.

Installation Instructions - Step 4 - replace pin


Step 5

Using a screw driver tighten the hose clamp around the mount rail and receiver body. Position the clamp approximately 1/8” from the step in the receiver. The clamp should be tight, but not overly tight as you could scratch the rifle or damage the clamp.

Installation Instructions - Step 5 - hose clamp


Step 6

Trim the excess clamp material. You will want to leave about a 1/8”-1/4” tail in order to easily remove the mount in the future.

Installation Instructions - Step 6 - trim clamp


Step 7

Place the mount body over the mount rail and hose clamp. The mount body should fit nicely over both components without interference. If the mount body does not, check the position of the clamp, you may need to move it slightly up or down the receiver so it can fit inside the pocket on the mount body. Secure the mount body to the mount rail using the 10-24 screws. Be careful not to cross thread the screws or over tighten.

Installation Instructions - Step 7 - secure rail


Step 8

Finally, secure the Weaver rail to the mount body. Again be extra careful not to over tighten the screws. I recommend using the short end of the Allen wrench when you torque the screw to ensure the screw does not strip the mount threads. Don’t worry, this will be plenty tight for all mount requirements.

Installation Instructions - Step 7 - secure mount

That’s it!

Place the barrel back in the stock and secure it with the two screws and barrel clamps. Use the scope rings of your choice. Happy Shooting! I appreciate you feedback. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Finished M91 installation

M91 Scope Mount with Tactical Rail